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Our Quality Packing

All the finished products are securely and hygienically packed in various suitable materials. These are appropriately labeled and sealed to avoid any kind of tampering under the brand name of ARMOUR, SAFEGLOVE, SAFESHIELD or as specified by our customers.

Our clients can also avail the facility of customized packaging as per their orders and individual requirements. Different products are packed differently as per their special needs

Packing Section is clean and dust free with positive pressure filtered air system with controlled exit and entry points. It is kept clean and fumigated at regular intervals to ensure low bio-burden level. State-of-the-art Packing Machines are installed for Walletting, Pouching and Sealing the gloves automatically thereby reducing human contact with the gloves to a minimum. The Walletting Machine prints and folds the wallets in-house thereby reducing contamination. The Pouching Machine is specially designed for automatic packing of gloves. It incorporates skip sealing, photo electric cell for registration as well as a flexography system for printing of batch and other manufacturing details.

Our gloves that include Latex Surgical Gloves, Latex Examination Gloves, Latex Gynaecological Gloves etc. are used extensively in number of medical purposes. As a professionally managed company we are committed to providing each of our valued customers with quality in products & services.

The gloves are manufactured using proprietary latex formulation and processed at the cutting edge manufacturing facilities under the stringent Quality Control norms set by the Quality Control Department of the factory. Our manufacturing procedures are strictly monitored at every stage to ensure the highest quality products are turned out and the gloves are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet and exceed international specifications. We have excellent facilities for powder-free processing using most modern computer controlled chlorinators. The protein content in our low protein powder-free surgical /examination gloves are less than 35 microgram/gm.

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